Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow...Am I still here?? lol

Okay so talk about 'long time no see'...haha It's been over one year since I posted a new entry here...I actually forgot I even had a blog here! LOL

I'm thinkin' I need to get busy & keep up with this better! So here I am :)

Nothing much has changed really...hehe I've just gotten older and meaner :D

Kids are growing like weeds...way too quickly as always! Can you believe my *baby* oldest kiddo & only daughter ..will be graduating High School in less than 5 short months now??!! I sure can't believe it either!! Currently she's finishing up all the 'work' on college app. stuff. I can't imagine her moving out and semi-'on her own' this very year! OMG!

The boys are wild little men as ever! Jakob is now 7 and halfway through 1st grade. He's such a sweet little boy..I'm so blessed to be called Mom by him :D

Gabriel turned 5 last October and he'll be entering Kindergarten this coming Fall. No way! My *baby* baby..starting school?? Where did the time go??!!

I'm still addicted to Incredimail and creating ..along with tut writing although I've been MIA & out of the loop there for some time now. I'm working to remedy that situation however :)

Okay enough of my boring ya... will try my best to keep this up-to-date :D

I'm thinking I may end up doing something here as a members' site update place I dunno.... we'll see..

hugs & luv,

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