Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yeah I'm gonna talk about me & mine for a bit...haha

why not? :D

So most anyone who'd be here reading already knows not going to bore y'all with useless, boring details :D

Yesterday my *baby* boy youngest, Gabriel..turned 4 years old!! Those years sure fly by huh? We'll be doing a bday party for him next weekend as this weekend was just way too full ...and he doesnt his age, he doesnt know or care about the date..just so long as he gets a cake and some ice cream :D hehe

Weekends go by way too fast too don't they? Wow...Sunday ...halfway gone no less... already?! Of course with band season in full swing it's constant 'on the move'.....however, next weekend is our last competition and then things will come to a major slow down. I am not sure I will know what to do with myself then lol

The competition last night was one heckuva time! Awesome sums it up nicely I think :) My girls (yeah the whole Color Guard are MY girls..hehe) brought home 2nd place Color Guard from their division....and they were 3rd place Color Guard OVERALL out of ALL competing divisions!! (there was some stiff competition there too lemme tell ya) I'm so proud of those girls I cannot even express how much! They have overcome so much this year with hurdles having been tossed in their way from almost day one. They have made such amazing progress *all by themselves* wouldnt believe it!

The band rocked too of course :D Taking home...1ST PLACE DRUM MAJOR...1ST PLACE MUSIC....1ST PLACE HORN LINE...3RD PLACE PERCUSSION...and.....1ST PLACE OVERALL in their division....AND AND AND... 2nd place (by only 2 little points) Grand Champion!!! out of 13 bands there!!! That's right....:D

Sooooo grand improvement from last week..haha Anyhoo...the kids really worked so hard and they so deserved this boost! GO MARCHING TROJANS!!

So now..this week they (band) are not travelling to the away game Friday night...because Saturday (1st) is a major big long day for them as they will be competing at Cary Band Day (it's a pretty big deal here) and they will be marching in the parade that kicks that band comp off. They have to be there fr parade lineup at/around 7:30am (it takes approx. 45 minutes for us to get there)
and then they do the parade but their performance time isn't until like 3:45 in the afternoon ...yikes! So they'll wait for that...not long after will be the awards ceremony for their division...I think that's to be around 6pm-ish. They are pumped up and excited about it now. They usually go to this particular band day 'for the experience'...because this one is way tough with competition. But I dunno..this year they may just have a fighting chance :D

Okay enough of my yammering :D