Thursday, November 6, 2008

...and so the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb...

*sigh* any fellow Twilight junkies out there? :D

I finally finished all four of the books ....much to Autumn's delight I might add (she'd been after me to read the series since she read them months ago). So now we are gearing up for the movie premiere in just two weeks!!! We can't wait :)

I'm madly in love with Edward....(bite ME! haha)...and just totally enamored with his & Bella's story.....*sigh*

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Change Has Come"...he says......

..but has anyone, particularly those that stand in awe of him and very nearly worship him...who voted for him....really considered if this 'change' is a good thing or a bad, very bad, thing?
Yes, I am talking about Barack Obama...I refuse to even give him the title he 'won' today for many reasons.

Wow...I have yet to cease to be amazed at the rapt look of adoration on so many faces when he speaks. I do not see what those people see evidentally. I see 'change' too....but not for the better.

I am impressed on just one level...cannot help myself, I am only human after all. He really does command attention..he really is one heckuva speaker...and he does appear to have quite the hold on so many. However, my being impressed only exists very thinly ...because I know of someone that has been read about since the beginning of time that this describes and well, that terrifies me. And it bothers me that it doesn't do the same to so many others...

I think I'm saddened most of all by the fact that this election has been a huge mess....because of so many people voting based on things that should never come into play when making such a HUGELY affecting choice. It's a fact that many voted for Obama based solely on the fact that he is African American and against McCain for the same reasoning (because he is white). It's also a fact that many uninformed, uneducated were out (bused in for many) voting this election ...encouraged by others that in essence used their ignorance for their own agenda. It's sad....really.

I'm not saying that McCain is the 'be all to end all'...there are several 'issues' I have with him myself....however, after much research and spending time on my knees...I did choose to go with my heart and my morals/values/faith ...and voted for him. I truly believe, for America as a whole, he would have been far and away a better choice.

I am not thrilled with the outcome...I believe that much is obvious. And it has *nothing* to do with his race (I do not see color ..those that know me well realize this is true) or his political party (I am absolutely 100% UNaffiliated). I know MANY people who I call well as many in my own family ...disagree with me and voted opposite of me and that's okay. What a wondeful country this is huh? :) I guess I feel most sorry for those that believe in him so much....I will not find any satisfaction in the near future when they see the truth and realize just how huge of a mistake their part in today's election was....

But it is what it is....Obama is now elected and nothing changes that. I have to believe that God allowed this as part of his Perfect Plan for this country. I do not understand or see the good that could come of this but I know that if God allows it; it will be good in the end.

While so many around this world are 'celebrating' with tears today....I am here at home..with tears of my own as well; though they are wept for an entirely different reason..

yes....'change' has that I say, May God have Mercy on us all.....

God Bless,