Thursday, November 6, 2008

...and so the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb...

*sigh* any fellow Twilight junkies out there? :D

I finally finished all four of the books ....much to Autumn's delight I might add (she'd been after me to read the series since she read them months ago). So now we are gearing up for the movie premiere in just two weeks!!! We can't wait :)

I'm madly in love with Edward....(bite ME! haha)...and just totally enamored with his & Bella's story.....*sigh*

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  1. Now this is so funny! Amber tried to get me to read them for months. But I didn't think I could get into a vampire book. But I kept hearing about them. Finally my sister jumped on the bandwagon and since her and I have very similar book interests I broke down and bought the first one. Oh by the way I went to the library to get it first and it was reserved 196 times ahead of me! So anyway I bought the first one , read it in a day and went back for the rest! I read the whole series in 3 and a half days! I too am in total and complete love with Edward and want him to bite me and said the very same thing to Amber! lol I am rereading them already! I think they are awesome!!!!

  2. I love moonlight on tv so I sure hope this magic will be something I like too...thanks for letting me know about the movie shan!!

  3. After hearing so much about the story of Twilight and how awesome it was I kept resisting reading the book. Then I heard my sis in law say it is great you will love it..I bought the book on Wednesday and finished it yesterday! LOL..Oh I am in love with Edward too..I need to get the other three books now so I can continue on with their story.


  4. Oh gosh Shannon I am with you on the Twilight series. My girlfriend had read all the books and then asked if I wanted to go see the movie with her. I honestly didn't think I'd like a vampire type movie. But OMG I loved it!!! Edward is just my kind of man/vampire. LOL.
    I've now started reading the books. I've finished the 3rd one and want to get the 4th. Can't wait till another movie comes out as well.